CYPRES Maintenance

CYPRES Maintenance
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CYPRES - the heart of reliability
NZ $385.00

CYPRES Maintenance Request Form (download here)

The Heart of CYPRES Reliability

How beneficial are the best promises if your opening device fails you when you really need it?


At AIRTEC, we follow one main philosophy: only comprehensively tested reliability is true reliability. That is the reason why we check your CYPRES every four years under realistic test conditions, and with all details considered. This takes place in our own production facility in Germany, or in the CYPRES Service Center in the United States. These are the only locations where we have enough specialized equipment and the technology available which permits us to execute the specific quality-testing for your safety.

We execute not only all the necessary corrections for an unprecedented fee, but will also replace all components if there is even the slightest doubt of wear and tear. We offer even more than that: we will also upgrade any CYPRES components at that time if we have developed newer and better ones in the meantime. There will be no charge for these technical upgrades.

CYPRES - We do everything for your safety, so you can relax and enjoy your next four years of skydiving without any worries.
Where can I get my CYPRES maintained?

AIRTEC has a worldwide network of qualified dealers. Contact Skydivezone - Venture 25, your nearest CYPRES dealer, and he/she will gladly assist you in getting your CYPRES maintained. You can download the CYPRES Maintenance Request Form here. (Please note pricing is as published on this web page and may not be up to date on the pdf form).
How do I know if my CYPRES needs maintenance?
Your CYPRES has its own brain and information system. It will indicate the date of the next maintenance six months in advance. You will always have enough time to synchronize the maintenance of your CYPRES with your own and specific schedule of skydiving events.
What happens if I still miss the date for the maintenance?
We are prepared for this situation, as well. There is a buffer zone in our scheduled maintenance intervals. You may miss and delay the scheduled mainternance by six months and still be safe. The CYPRES alert will remind you with a special message ("Next Maint. Now"), to indicate that it is time for the missed maintenance. You actually have a window of more than one whole year to find the best date for the maintenance.

Keep in mind that you will need 14 working days for the actual maintenance, plus some extra time for shipping and handling.
What can I do if I need a CYPRES during maintenance?
If you need a CYPRES while yours is still at the maintenance, we can assist you with rental / loan devices if needed.
Call or E-Mail, we will help you.

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